Hi! I created this site to share some of my work. The work shared here is mostly watercolor paintings, it’s just something I love to do. I am also a graphic designer mostly for print; but web too. I’m also a certified and endorsed visual arts teacher, and a mom, whew!

Why Klickitat St.? Klickitat Street is the name of the street that my very favorite character lives on, Ramona Quimby, as in the character from the famous Beverly Cleary stories. If you’re not familiar with Beverly Cleary and her Ramona stories I encourage you to head to the library right this instant and sit down to read them cover to cover. Ramona is spunky, yet sensitive, and full of imagination. I think we have a lot in common and I strive to reflect that in the nature of my work.

Thank you for stopping by, tootaloo! -Suzanna


P.S. If you’re interested in having me work with you on a project, or (dare I say) want to purchase a print, or have other questions, you can contact me here, or check out other places I post stuff here.


P.S.S. Please look and don’t “touch”. These are all my creations, and I’d rather you didn’t use them for your own.