Great Grandmother Agnes’s Buffet Table

Talk about inspiration that’s right in front of you… this buffet table. It has been in my life for as long as I can remember. When I was young my parents inherited some of my great grandparent’s furniture. My great grandmother Agnes loved to refinish furniture to her liking. This particular piece was painted shiny black with flower bouquets decoupaged on the doors and drawers. Funny how things fall out of style and back in, isn’t it? Not that people are currently going crazy decoupaging flower bouquets on their find furniture, but face it, black paint is making a come back and I never decoupaged anything until I was in my thirties. The woman had taste!

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This table now lives with me, in my kitchen and is filled to the brim with art supplies. That’s what buffet tables are for, right? Thought so.

My parents paid a pretty penny to strip that lovely black paint and decoupage to return this piece to it’s original natural beauty. I’ve been dying to paint it but I know my parents would kill me.


Back to the inspiration… I love this piece of furniture, my mom basically forced it on me, I thought we didn’t have space, but I do and I love it, so I painted it, even made it into a card… which is for sale on Etsy along with prints. Go there!



08. February 2015 by schristian
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