Lunch Notes

I started making lunch notes for my daughter quite a while ago. First I only did them when I had a few spare moments in the morning between making breakfast, packing lunch, and coaching her through every other part of the morning… Go brush your teeth! Get your shoes on! You can’t find any socks??!! Here comes the bus, go, go, go! So, as you can imagine, lunch notes were not an everyday thing.

But, an amazing thing happened, the lunch notes that I was making when I had time became so desired that she decided she could make her breakfast and pack her lunch independently! One win in the mommy column.


The catch; however, is that I have to make a lunch note every morning. It’s a challenge I’m willing to take, but I must say, creating a sketch every morning before coffee every morning is really difficult!


For a long time the notes would build up in the lunch box and I’d usually just toss them in the trash after they were wrinkled with crumbs and other mystery substances that are inevitable in the bottom of every lunch bag. Then, my brilliant daughter, the same one who wants the notes each day and saves them until I toss them said, “Hey mom, why don’t you take a picture of them before you toss them so we ‘save’ them?” Yes! Fantastic idea!

So, now that’s a new thing. Here’s the first round of lunch notes that I decided to save from the rumpled depths of the lunch bag. Some were in there a really long time (notice the happy Halloween?!). That’s alright, onward and upward!


What about you? Do you send any special reminders or notes to school with your kiddos?

08. January 2015 by schristian
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