Made Gifts for 2013

Each holiday I try my hardest to make time to create hand-made gifts and encourage my daughter to create gifts too. I have received a few handmade gifts through the years and they carry so much meaning. Since I just finished up my pottery class my first thought was that I’d shower everyone with pottery, and then I remembered I had done that back in 2003, and while everyone loved it, I just felt that it seemed a little bit redundant… exactly ten years later.

Some other handmade gifts I’ve created (pre-blog) are various crocheted items – a dog, art bag, and hats, pyro-doodled lazy susans, pottery, and framed paintings.

So for this year, I pyro-doodled cheese boards and my daughter painted wooden spoons, creating nice kitchen themed gifts. They were hit!


I found the cheese boards in Marshalls, they were each around $9 and in all kinds of unique shapes. When choosing, I tried to find smooth wood, with few knots and small grain to make it easier to burn into. In addition to the cheese boards I found some adorable cheese knives at Ten Thousand Villages that are shaped like mice, only $10 each, which made these pretty affordable gifts.


The spoons turned out great and everyone was totally impressed that they were hand made. While grocery shopping I wondered down the kitchenwares aisle and found sets of five bamboo spoons that were on BOGO, so I went for it, getting four sets for about $10. We used masking tape to tape off the the handle to create a nice smooth line. For the actual paint, we used water based, food-safe, indoor/outdoor craft paint that be bought at any craft store, we found ours at Michaels for about $1.50 per bottle. Once the handles were taped off, I just let my kiddo go for it and they turned out spectacular and she had a blast making them!


02. January 2014 by schristian
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