This is a self portrait, and I have not done one of these in ages! As part of one of my current classes I had to do a two-day practicum in a visual arts classroom. One of the teachers I spent time with had assigned her students the task of painting self portraits; however, she kept mentioning how she had NEVER done one and never would. I am not sure of the reasoning behind that decision, but her comments made me wonder when the last time I had done one and recall how difficult it was to paint what I saw rather than what I thought I knew. Sort of like the Dove Real Beauty Project.

I sketched my portrait from a photograph and then left it taped and unpainted for nearly a month. Finally, I got the courage to paint it, and I’m pleased with the outcome. It certainly is not as realistic as my last attempt at a self portrait was (I wish I had that example to share… or maybe not?), but I think this sort of impressionist version captures my essence well.

PS. Those lovely brushes and paints were my Grandaddy Bob’s, he picked up painting when he was in his 70s, and I’m pretty sure they’re one of the most special gifts I have ever gotten.


26. June 2013 by schristian
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