Teachers Desk

As my oldest daughter entered second grade, we braced ourselves for a new school year full of homework with a new desk. The prospect of a new desk had her so thrilled, and she loved shopping at the “junk shop” for the perfect desk. We settled on this small teachers desk. It’s frame is solid wood, making it crazy heavy and sturdy, and the top is nice smooth linoleum; perfect for all sorts of art projects, er, I mean homework. We also found the cute vintage school chair that was painted a hideous shade of brown. I will never understand why people paint wood brown, it’s so strange! She chose the paint colors, Raspberry Rush and Pleasing Pink.

As soon as we returned home with these treasures, the sanding began, and we painted the chair. The desk on the other hand, sat for a good while as I was having nightmares about a giant pink piece of furniture living on my home. I caved, and it turned out pretty cute.


The moral? Never second guess the design choices of an almost-second grader.

Flash forward two years, into a new house [with tiny bedrooms], the desk now resides on our back porch, too cute to get rid of. Sigh. 

03. June 2012 by schristian
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