Throwing Pots

Every Tuesday since sometime in August, I’ve been throwing pots. It’s a huge stress reliever and it’s one of the last classes I had to take to get my art endorsement. Since I had thrown one time previous for a semester, I had high expectations and I was slightly bummed when I didn’t get back onto the wheel as smoothly as I had hoped. Being bummed lasted only a short while and then I jumped back in. I suppose throwing pots is somewhat like a riding a bike, it’s just one of those things you don’t easily forget how to do.

IMG_5038The goal for the semester was to throw a set of four dinner plates, four bowls, a teapot, and cylinder at least six inches in height. Plates were tough, and the teapot was most definitely a challenge. I also made a few tumblers, some extra bowls, a few mugs, and some knobs.


All of my pieces survived bisk firing (whew), but not all of them survived the glaze firing as I had a few mishaps with glazing. For reasons unknown, the glaze caused my four dinner plates to crack, and my lids are sealed on tight with glaze… I had no idea they would be fired with the lids on (whoops!). Anyhow, they look nice in the pictures. My favorite pieces, that survived, are my “yum” and “eat your peas” plates. 


I chose the glazes, and they turned out completely different than what they looked like on the internet. No surprise there I guess. But I do like how they turned out. The dark green is Tourmaline, which is supposed to be more turquoise-blue. The lighter green is Art Deco Green, and it’s supposed to have little black specks, but the only specks I see are from the clay body itself. The blue is called Moody Blue and in the sample, the white specks were much whiter and the blue was more vivid, but it’s still pretty. The Matt White is the exception and turned out exactly how it was described.


And that’s that. A semester worth of work right there, and hopefully an A despite my mishaps with the lids and glazing. Fingers crossed!

19. December 2013 by schristian
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