Visiting the VMFA

I did something completely new, seriously, something I’ve never even tried before; I visited a museum, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. All by my self. No kids in tow. No husband. No one, just me, well, and the other people who chose to visit that day, but I wasn’t responsible for them having a good time. Sure, it was for a homework assignment, but I still did it, so there.

I’m taking an art history course online at a local community college, also something I’ve never done before. There are a series of assignments due for the course and they all revolve around a single piece of art that I had to select. There were many contenders.

Like this one.


And this one.


Oh, and this one, which is cool because the artist gives tribute to Richard Diebenkorn (the artist who painted Ocean Park above) via the stucco. Can you see it?


And this one. The big red ugly dumpster is sort of an elephant in the scene isn’t it? So big ugly and intrusive, yet no one will even acknowledge it’s presents. Interesting.


But the one I loved the absolute most was this beauty.


Isn’t it lovely? I certainly think so. The woman has a story to tell, and even though this painting was done in the early 1900s there something very relevant about it. Those assignments are going to be fun!


06. September 2013 by schristian
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