You’re Beautiful Just the Way You Are

Remember in elementary school how fun it was to write backwards? I loved doing that! I loved the challenge of writing backwards then holding up to a mirror to see how well (or not) I had done. Well, this joy has not faded and reflections still fascinate me.

We have a pretty standard half bath, you know with the mirror directly above the sink that reflects right back to you on the thrown and to the big blank wall above. Well, you know that reflection was begging to be played with.


Just a quick layout sketch in case you never thought about what your bathroom would like like if you were a tiny spider creeping across the ceiling.

With all the images of perfection being thrust upon us from society, I thought, what better way to use that reflection than a positive message! This is what I came up with:


So, get it now? No one spends that much time in the bathroom looking at the wall, but they do looking the mirror. The fun here is that it looks a little abstract this way, but then the reflection is…


And if you were standing, or um, sitting, in the bathroom, this what it would look like. Finger smudges on the mirror, chipped corner and all.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I’m considering selling prints of this in my Etsy shop, so check back for that.


23. March 2015 by schristian
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